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                                   ABOUT ME                                            

Hi! My name is Githiri Fidelis and it's my pleasure to welcome you to my webpage.
I was born and raised in Kenya. When I moved to Austria in 2002, I had to start life a fresh by learning a new language at the age of 22. German language was NOT and is NOT an easy language but with determination I managed to speak, read and write it within a short time. After the language school, driving school, colange and a few jobs. I realized that I am not employable and that is the moment I decided to become an entreprenuer.
I have been succesfully self employed since 2006.

What exactly do I do?
I partner with companies as an independent consultant and they pay me to market their products and services. Some of the companies pay me also to market their linceses, train and support their business partners. In my potofolio I have partnered with companies from different industries and countries but most of them are in the Network Marketing industry.
100% self employed
Enjoying TIME and FINANCIAL freedom!
Building a International business and supporting my TEAM 100% globally!
Working with DIGNITY and INTEGRITY
I value my time and respect other people's time as well.
Honesty is EVERYTHING and I expect it back!
Personaly growth and TEAM WORK plays a huge role in my life!
I prefer working with serious people only!
Respect is very important!
I prefer earning 1% from TEAM work than 100% from working alone!

Business Partnership

I partner with companies or individuals with products or services that I can market.

I do both offline and online marketing as a Independent Consultant, brand ambassador or affiliate.
Network Marketing

One of my favourite parts on my business is helping other people WORLDWIDE to build successful businesses and earn residual income working from anywhere they won’t globally and all that at the comfort of their own time and speed without interfering with their current activities.
Working together as a TEAM and growing together is the KEY.
                   Two Heads Are Better Than One and I would rather earn 1% from TEAM work than 100% from working alone!
For more infomation on who I am, what I do or offer please contact me.

My Hobbies
I am a cigar aficionado who loves traveling and appreciates good things that life got to offer.
Here are a few photos from some of the many destinations that I have visited so far. Enjoy -> -> ->

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